• What is this site about?

    Our website is designed to connect people from all over the world who are interested in finding a sugar daddy online or looking for a cyber sugar girl.

  • Can anybody use this website?

    Yes, anyone can use this website to find a perfect online sugar dating match! We have thousands of members from all over the world, all ages and kinks.
    Our only requirement is, that you are at least 18 years old and able to verify your E-Mail within the registration process.

  • Do i have to spend money to use this site?

    No, our website is designed to be free to use. You can register and create your account, including several pictures as well as a secret gallery, completely for free.
    To use several parts of the website, you need to use our internal credits. You will start with 10 credits for free when completing the registration to do your first steps.

    Furthermore you can get more free credits by inviting new members with your public profile link. Just share your profile on e.g. your social media or other sites and once a new user joined by your link, you will get those credits applied on your account.

  • Do i have to use credits to reply to a message?

    No. Once a chat conversation has been unlocked and someone dropped you a message, you don't need to spend credits to answer this message.

  • Are all images verified? How long does the verification take?

    All uploaded images are checked by our staff and an AI to assure that they respect our terms Á conditions. To verify that the person on the photo is a real person, we have a verification image which will be checked by our staff to see if the person on the verification photo matches the given data and uploaded photos. This step is not mandatory, so keep an eye if a profile has the "Verified Profile" Badge.

    Verification usually takes from minutes to a few hours. All photos are hidden upon approval.

  • What is a public profile?

    You public profile is optional. You can specify if you want your profile to be shown to anyone visiting this site or to registered users only.
    Since you can earn free credits by inviting new users with your public profile link, we recommend to enable this feature.

  • How do i get money?

    Our website is a place to connect people interested in an online sugar daddy arrangement. We are not part of this arrangement, so we do not handle any sort of allowance payment. If you want to know, how to find the perfect match, see our How To Guide and keep in mind our Safety advice.