19, USA


About me Iam in a relationship and not looking to change that or anyone else's commitment, I'm very open minded and spiritual. I love meeting fascinating individuals, collecting knowledge, experiencing diverse cultures, learning languages, serving the community, and traveling. I enjoy painting,hiking,cracking up jokes, dancing I'm not really a good dancer I just love doing my thing lol, and anything where I can learn more about myself and the world. I've been through alot and I've met lots of people so I see different points of views I'm very understanding. Would love to discuss with you on a number of topics. English is my first language but I can also speak fluent Spanish. I'm looking for intellectual conversation, practical allowances, and you. Up for short and long term arrangements, usually free during evenings only. Time is of the essence. I value yours; you value mine. Don't be shy I'm awsome, so just send me a DM.